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26 Sep 2016 19:45:08
Listening to klopp on Monday night football it's very obvious why he prefers the players he does over sturridge.

Sturridge is an amazing striker but that's all he does, he needs to be in a team that is set up to feed him balls.

Players klopp uses are multi functional and interchangeable seamlessly. Sturridge just can't do it.

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26 Sep 2016 18:08:36
Just read Ronnie Whelans column in the Irish Independent. He states that Klopp is making a mistake appearing on MNF and that there is a good chance Klopp could end up a laughing stock like Rodgers (whelans words) I know myself Klopp will not be made look like a fool. What is laughable, Whelan gets paid to write that crap. BTW He said City will have the league won by Christmas.

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26 Sep 2016 18:17:46
I have to hold my hands up and say i was wrong about klopps handling of sakho. Although i like what he does outside of the club i can see how him basically deciding he can do as he pleases can cause disharmony and be quite devisive.

Im not saying sakho should not have an opinion, but i would have more respect for him if he took it up with klopp in private instead of bleating to the world on social media.

He got off pretty lightly considering the debacle with the failed drugs test and most people would have been grateful to get off scott free and get their head down and work hard.

Its a shame but matip has shown he is not irreplaceable and that will be the last time he kicks a ball for lfc while klopp is in charge i fear. And frankly he can only have himself to blame.

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26 Sep 2016 18:18:35
James Milner is currently rated as the best left back in the premier league based on form and stats. This is testament to how well he's adapted to the role and the professionalism he's shown to do so.

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26 Sep 2016 14:08:12
Looking at West Hams situation i am so happy we have expanded the stadium rather than building a new one.

Although it shouldn't be an excuse but in terms of atmosphere the pitch being so far away from the stands must have some impact.

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26 Sep 2016 14:17:28
I heard on sky sports news this morning that, we have yet to score a premier league goal with a reconsider striker. That's impressive considering we have 16 goals to our talk so far. When you look at other top clubs such as city, United, and Chelsea, they all have a striker providing the most part of there goals. So I was just thinking imagine we could get sturridge or origi in the team consistently scoring, and how much of a difference that would make to our title chances. The fact we are already considered such an offensive threat without an inform striker just excites me so much for this season and beyond.

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26 Sep 2016 12:32:18
What Curtis Davies had to say about us:

"They didn't give us a chance to breathe. "

"Arsenal are a very good passing team, but a lot of their stuff is in front of you. "

"Nice little passes. Liverpool have that mix of nice little passes and then people who will run and run at you and beat you as well like Mane and Coutinho. "

Davies was also impressed by Liverpool's ruthlessness. Leading 3-0 after 36 minutes, against 10-men, they refused to take their foot off the pedal.

He added: "Last week against Arsenal, we had 10 men but it was a different performance.

"We were good. We kept hold of the ball but Liverpool, with their pressing game, they weren't going to be satisfied with 3-0. They wanted 6, 7, 8. That is the difference. Arsenal were like, 'We will sit, we will let them have the ball and then we will have it for another five minutes'.

"But Liverpool didn't give you a chance to breathe to be honest.

"It is hard to lay a glove on anyone. When there is so much inter-changing you cannot put your mark on one person. It is tough to make a tackle. One second Mane will be in that hole, then Lallana and then Coutinho.

"There is a lot of interchange, quick football and with the full backs playing like wingers it becomes very difficult because you end up with backs against the wall.

"They play with Henderson and the two centre-halves at the back and the rest can go where-ever they want. That is not an ill-disciplined thing, that is organised. "

"When we went down to 10 men then, if I am being honest, as a Liverpool I would be thinking, 'We can give them a hiding. Let's be ruthless. '

"And they were ruthless. ".

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26 Sep 2016 08:15:10
Morning redmen,

I have this strange unusual feeling at the moment about Liverpool. I'm confident, happy and enjoying watching them play!?!

Long may it continue

Now for the weekend loan update

Awoniyi played for 87 minutes as NEC drew 0-0 at home with Willem. The point moves them out of the bottom 3.
Awoniyi has started 3 in a row so looks like he will be a regular this season which is good.

Burnley play at home tonight against Watford. Hopefully flannaghan will make an appearance. They are leaking goals so who better to bring in than the scouse cafu!

Allan was an unused sub as Hertha berlin drew 3-3 with eintracht.
Only one start so far this season, looks like he has to really fight for regular game time.

Danny ward and Huddersfield lost 1-0 to reading after having a man sent off early on.
Huddersfield are now second in the championship

Wigan and bogdans poor start to the season continues as they lost 1-0 to Preston. Wigan are now bottom of the championship.

Jack Dunn played the full 90 as Morecombe lost 3-2 at home to Crawley.
Morecambe currently sit just in the playoff spots.

The man in the sticks Ryan Fulton was unable to prevent chesterfield losing 2-1 to bury. Bury had 13 shots on target so Fulton was kept pretty busy

Wisdom watched on injured as salzberg drew 0-0

Lloyd jones played the full 90 as Swindon beat oldham 2-0

Sam hart was an unused sub as port vale lost 2-1 to Bristol.

Markovic came on in the 70th minute as sporting won 4-2.
Injury niggles have disrupted his start to the season.

And that's your lot redmen.
Here's hoping we beat Swansea next week to give us a good finish before the international break.

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25 Sep 2016 21:50:45
So it would appear that so far the man who is paid millions of pounds to coach our team knows more than all the armchair fans. who'd have thought it! 😏.

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25 Sep 2016 21:45:52
Just saw each of Coutinho's squad photos from when he joined and in the 2016/ 2017 one he looks like he's put on a bit of muscle which is good to see so now he can be that bit more physical. Anyone else noticed this or is it just me?

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25 Sep 2016 12:50:05
Jurgen Klopp is top off the list out of best starts to a first full season after 6 league matches out of any LFC manager since the EPL started.

Get in!

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25 Sep 2016 10:53:59
Best thing about this season is that we are not reliant on a single person for goals. Everyone seems up for it and hungry to get their name on the score sheet.

Loved how even at 5:1 the team still looked on the prowl for more. Hope we smash those pretenders (united)

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25 Sep 2016 08:33:03
I'd just like to clarify a post I made about Coutinho not too long ago, in which I praised his wonderful ability as a player but said that him taking 10+ inaccurate long shots a game frustrated me. Some people seem to now think I hate Coutinho but this is untrue and it is in fact the opposite, he is my favourite player, hence my posting name. The criticism was constructive criticism, nothing more, nothing less. Today Coutinho was absolutely brilliant in my view, he scored a worldie, got 2 assists and limited himself to just a couple of long shots rather than his usual 10 per game when we are looking for a goal at 0-0 or losing. He instead elected to attempt a number of through balls and if he continues to play like this this I will have no problem whatsoever. He is made things happen and like I said he will get more assists and we will score more goals if he plays in this manner.

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25 Sep 2016 08:45:02
James Milner seems to have found his best position and dare I say it he's currently the best left back it the league. His runs up the wing were fruitful today and he was absolutely tormenting the Hull right back. He went past a couple of Hull players a number of time to get to the byline and also put in a few dangerous crosses. Defensively he looks solid and put in 1 memorable recovery tackle, his over eagerness to win the ball got him a yellow card but that didn't stop him fulfilling his duties for the rest of the game. His ability from the penalty spot was never in doubt and if anyone had forgotten about it he certainly reminded them of it with 2 expertly struck penalties.

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25 Sep 2016 08:52:18
This was the most one-sided game we've had all season. We had Hull on the ropes from the first minute and even with 11 men they looked unable to deal with our breath-taking attacking combinations and movement. It was brilliant to watch and it impressed me that we also managed to keep up our press from the first minute to the last without falling asleep due to thinking the game was won. These are usually the game we struggle with rather than the big teams, who we comfortably beat. So it's refreshing to put Hull away in this manner.

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25 Sep 2016 09:54:28
Great result yesterday. watching the game and I know they players where putting in the hard work. but I feel that we won the game in mostly 3rd gear!

Our options from the bench are excellent and players can drop in and out without changing the system. at the moment only the spuds and man city look to have something similar.

Exciting times but we must all remain calm and not jump to the conclusion that we are going to be champions as we still have a few weakness that we haven't been able to fix in the last transfer window.
One thing is sure, as a team and a club, we can get even better 🤓.

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24 Sep 2016 20:12:21
A couple of points from today's game.

Excellent all round professional performance, with a real desire and hunger to win the ball back, counter pressing and

Firminho - what a player, a real talent and what impressed me most again was his work rate, chasing every ball, pressing from the front, tackling when he dropped further back towards the end of the game.

Empty seats in the new stand - there was a good few empty seats in the corporate area today which is really frustrating considering the season ticket waiting list is over 20,000. I believe out of the 8,000 additional seats, only 2,000 or so were released for new season tickets. I appreciate a large number of seats go to members and general sale but to have these seats empty in hospitality is very frustrating. Money talks these days I suppose.

Gerry Mciver - applause on 27 mins for a true legend.

A pretty strong team bench

A number of us kopites singing Klopps name befor the end of the game 😬

A question for Ed001 mate. Do you think we'll be able to keep up this intensity in our play for the duration of the season?

{Ed001's Note - yes of course. So long as the team keeps winning they won't feel tired.}

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24 Sep 2016 20:09:10
Henderson becoming the holding player would be the biggest achievement in klopp's resume. He had a captains game today and I saw Gerrard in him.

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24 Sep 2016 18:26:22
Read this today very apt adaption of mr lover lover by shaggy.
Smooth, just like the silk, soft and cuddly hug me up like a quilt, I’m a lyrical lover, no take me for no filth.

She call me Mr Joel Matip,

Say me fantastic, touch me on the back,

She says I’m Mr. Jo,

Matip, say me fantastic,

Touch me on the back, she says I’m Mr. Jo.

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24 Sep 2016 17:51:17
Klopp needs to sign a striker in January. Another week where our toothless forwards don't score.

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