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28 May 2017 16:22:05
Looking into this transfer window if we don't sign a quaility right back to replace Clyne we'll have missed a big opportunity to further improve the back line and our play. We can buy a striker, another midfielder etc but I definitely don't think it will make as big a difference as replacing clyne. We need a quaility right back that is a solid defender and can exploit the space down the wing.
Right back I hope is a priority. Likewise a left back to compete or add cover for Milner.

I personally don't want a striker. I don't see the need nor likelihood of buying a striker that's an improvement on what we have. Origi is still only 21 I believe? And is excellent. His decision making needs to improve but he's young and quaility. A fit and firing Sturridge as I said a few years ago is the best natural central striker in the world imo. I'm still not sure whether he's lost pace however he's still top class as proven with the last few games he was involved In. Also him and origi together were excellent.
Firminho. Nothing really to say. Brilliant player. Only frustration is for all his ability you'd expect him to score far more goals. Here's hoping that changes next season. We also still have Ings to return.

Midfield wise. I would let two midfielders go and bring in a top class one that is a real improvement in the first team. Keita imo would be ideal and a fantastic signing if it's likely to happen at all.
I think lucas may be on his way and Cans future is still uncertain. Wijnaldum I'm still not a big fan of but there's no doubt he has a fantastic engine and attitude. Henderson is our captain. He's going nowhere. Grujic hopefully gets more game time next season.

In defence I would like us to sign three players but it's highly unlikely. A centre back. Right back and left back. Lovren is hot or cold. Completely unreliable but it looks like he is going nowhere. Hopefully he improves in his decision making next season and is significantly less rash and reckless

Lastly our goalkeeping situation. I hope Karius is going to be our no1 goalkeeper and pre season will be a warm up for him. He looked excellent when he was first put in then made a few mistakes and was taken out. His distribution was excellent. In comparison to Mignolwts which is non existent. He's young and will make the odd mistake as had de gea but in Karius I truly believe we have a top class keeper.

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28 May 2017 11:59:24
A bit of what I have heard but mostly of me wishing to happen

The left wing is a position that LFC will improve, the 2 stand out names I keep hearing are Lucas Moura and Brandt - do not see any other names mentioned at the moment - personally I think Moura will happen

The midfield for LFC is pretty strong but lacks depth and their will be movement out so to shore up this area the following names are being tracked Naby Keïta, Leon Goretzka, James Ward-Prowse and Fàbregas -If Hendo was to leave I can see all 4 arriving.

I have a feeling that Milner will be moved to RB or RB cover therefore a huge gap in LB will occur, young Ryan Sessegnon if signed could be be loaned back to
Fulham therefore Mendy or Jonas Hector are likely - not sure about Wendell does he qualify to play in England?

At CB I have always liked Ake and he can cover for LB- him and Joe Gomez could be a good strong CB partnership but that is just my thoughts

Upfront we are pretty strong except this is a part of the pitch we suffer with injuries Sturridge and Ings have been out for most of Klopps time - if we do sign in this are then Gabriel Barbosa and Luan have been names listed


GK Manninger announced his retirement and Bogdan if we are lucky will be sold.

Defenders it looks like their will be a cull to the academy players with Randall, Flannagan and Wisdom to leave Sakho and if we are lucky Morneo will depart - it is a pity that Big FS left CP as he was keen on Sakho.

Again in midfield the academy players of Stewart, Brannagan and Kent will leave Markovic and Lucas are past their due dates.

If the outs are outs it could be quite busy this transfer window.

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28 May 2017 11:11:12
Morning eds and reds, Reading a lot about sterling and I think the easiest way of putting it is could have been great, lacked the desire and hard work to rise to the next level. We got what we got for him because nearly any player in the world playing in a front three along side suarez ad a completely fit sturridge is always going to look a lot better than they actually are.

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28 May 2017 09:30:26
May be a bit to soon as we do not know what signings will be joining for next season.

Expectations for the new season?

I would be thrilled if we can win the League but do not see that happening yet. First of all, getting into the knockout phase of the CL is a must for me. Along with that I would be happy with another top 4 finish and one of the cups. That is what I expect from Liverpool next season. Anything less will be utterly disappointing.

May be that I am settling for second best. Getting back to the top for Liverpool has been an ongoing struggle for an awful long time so will not be sitting here making us favourites to win the league.

Who's next?

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28 May 2017 08:05:05
would people swap top 4 for an FA cup win. i still yhink in the long run hopefully top 4 allows us to attract the better players which in turm allows us to compete for honours but arsenal have another honour to add to their roll which can never be talen away. what do people think.

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28 May 2017 07:55:29
My challenge to Klopp is to find the next Ian Rush. I fortunately did have the opportunity to see this guy play and think he is one that goes unnoticed. Ok so maybe I am asking to much :-)

Rush had absolutely everything one wants in a striker. Absolute goal machine!

I fortunately did have the chance to see him score goals. I started supporting Liverpool the season after we last won the title. Feels like a life time. My sisters ex is a scouser and he was the one which introduced me to football and when he told me about Liverpool and their history and when I started watching matches and delving more into the clubs history I was hooked. I cannot thank him enough for letting me have part of the Liverpool journey. I still have the old scarf he gave me all those years back which has in time faded in colour.


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Stewart Downing

28 May 2017 05:28:25
{Ed's Note - We have posted a new player profile about, Stewart Downing

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27 May 2017 16:27:39
Spurs- Harry Kane
Chelsea- Costa
City- Aguero
Even everton -Lukaku
I think its blatantly obvious that we need an out and out striker up top someone who going to get us 20+ goals a season. Add that to the goals mane coutinho firmino etc are getting we will be in a good place. If klopp doesn't think that's sturridge then let him go and go get a quality forward. Hate to say it but don't think origi is the answer, hope he proves me wrong but don't think so. I no there are other areas that need addressing but got to score goals to win game at the end of the day.

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27 May 2017 14:40:17
Probably in dreamland but a part of me hopes we get Pereira, Van Dijk, Mendy, Keita, Brandt and Aubameyang this summer. Perhaps John Henry will find a couple of hundred million in his sofa, best hope of that is if Bill Gates comes round for tea or the equivalent of that in America.

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27 May 2017 14:35:12
After Bernardo Silva's move to City, Sterling's future at the Etihad must surely be in doubt. He's likely to take up the Navas utility player role and with City struggling to fit all their attackers in one team I wouldn't be surprised to see him struggle for game-time this season unless he is stuck at right back; Jesus, Aguero, Bernardo Silva and Sane are all superior players to him and are surely ahead of him in the pecking order.

Some may mention the word 'karma' but I would mention the words 'poor decision', 'greed' and 'bad agent'. Sterling hasn't blown his career but what looked like a career destined for the top of the game when he was a key player for us at 20 now looks likely to fizzle out at the good player level. That is without taking into account the very real possibility of Pep usually him as a makeshift right back which would stunt him even more. I don't feel sorry for him neither am I celebrating what has become of his career but what I am doing is shrugging my shoulders and thinking to myself you made your bed now lie in it, not because he left Liverpool but because of the reasons he left us for, in life and also in football, you live and die by your decisions. I also hope that this serves as a warning to other talented youngsters who have their eyes on the money rather than maximizing their potential, Rodwell, Shaw, Wilshere, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Walcott, Wright-Phillips and potentially Barkley are other names that come to mind who have and could fail to maximize their potential.

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27 May 2017 14:15:40

Karius/ Lovren/ Clyne/ Milner/ Can/ Wijnaldum/ Sturridge

Ward/ Klavan/ Lucas/ Wilson/ Woodburn/ Origi

Moreno/ Sakho.

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27 May 2017 12:11:10
This whole Bernardo Silva signing has had some talk around it. It is pretty obvious the guy is coming in to replace Jesus Navas, but ultimately that means he will be starting ahead of Sterling on that right wing, and his chances will be reduced further.

Which brings me to my real point. I cannot help but feel sorry for Sterling. I was a very strong critic of his, as I always felt he got over hyped and over rated way too soon. His finishing and end product was poor, and in wide areas I felt he was too predictable. In fact I even did a pretty extensive article to argue his best position was as an attacking midfielder, like where he had such a successful spell in our 13/ 14 title run.

So why do I feel sorry for him? Because despite his deficiencies he was still incredibly talented and had the POTENTIAL to be world class. That ship has now sailed in my opinion, but he is still a very good player. Pep seems to have made him less predictable as a winger. Instead of always cutting inside he seems genuinely content on going around the outside just as often now which makes him much harder to get the better of. But ultimately, he has not improved as rapidly as City hoped he would, and that is by and large, their fault. He has never been a regular for longer than couple of months, so he has never even had the chance to vastly improve.

I feel sorry for him, because he was a young man, who at just 20 years old had an Oil Baron wave money in his face (enough to secure his family for generations, which if you know anything about his childhood, was always going to be too tempting) and he had that evil and selfish bloke Ward whispering in his ear trying to get himself the best deal with no regards for Sterling. He had the chance at Liverpool to become an icon. "The next John Barnes" was a phrase regularly heard. Now he just looks like the next Shaun Wright Phillips at Man City! A talented young man seduced by the opportunity to be fast tracked to the top earner bracket, who is now seeing his career pay the price.

When he left I felt anger. Now I just feel disappointed. I watched almost every game he played for our club right through the academy years to when he left. So to see a career I was at one point so invested in, totally ruined by the ugly financial side of our beautiful game, is very disheartening.

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27 May 2017 12:13:23
RMC (French football news outlet) very reliable are reporting we're willing to match city's offer for Mendy from Monaco. Ed001 has mentioned our interest and that we've watched him several times this season. Would be a terrific signing.

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27 May 2017 08:47:47
Would anyone take Suarez back?

{Ed001's Note - not me.}

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27 May 2017 02:25:48
I've been silent for a long while bc after i started my company i have so little time that i can just read you. I really thank you for all the time you invest in us, and i'm proud we are one if not the most active page, that means our great involvement with the club.

I'm just here to say i think we are in the right direction With Kloppo. I love him and his aura around thee club. I used to idolize him, but since he arrived LFC i've seen much of his weaknesses. He might not be the best recruiter or tactician (specially in defense), but i'm sure he and FSG will bring us back to the elite. I respect all of our players, but i'll be objective with them.

I am excited about this summer, i hope we can buy right (no matter if marquee or not) .
For me, if we can get Keita, Pereira, Mendy and Brandt, I think we will have a competitive team in all competences; My only complain is why aren't we looking for Douglas Costa if that seems exactly what we need, in spite of Brandt interest. The same for Lacazzete if Sturridge were to go. I know English teams will overpay, but we have to be careful with finances; we don´t want to get the wrong players with huge pricetag and high wages again, leaving us in midtable.

Love Lucas and his loyalty, if he is to go, i wish him the best and i'm grateful to him. For the others leaving i wish them luck and i hope they can achieve their personal goals. For players here and the ones to come i hope they give their 100% and i wish they LFC will become part of their life and heart.

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26 May 2017 19:08:52
All the hype around Keita is quite strange when majority of our fans want to see a defensive midfielder added to our squad. Have not seen much of Keita but apparently he is the real deal, not a defensive midfielder though.

It is quite hilarious when fans are begging for Keita to join when 'priority' according to majority is a defensive midfielder.

Clearly Klopp does not see a defensive midfielder in his plans going forward.

Just thought I would point that out :-)

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26 May 2017 19:23:15
Did you notice the dip in form when Henderson was out?

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25 May 2017 14:37:47
Alright fellow reds
I urge you all to sign the petition set up by Tony Barret on change. org to remove that poison dwarf Michael Owen from being the international ambassador for our great club after referring to the mancs as 'we' after the match last night.

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Middlesbrough Season Review

25 May 2017 13:31:55
{Ed's Note - We have posted a new article entitled, Middlesbrough Season Review

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25 May 2017 05:30:51
Team I would like to see for next season






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