13 Jun 2015 12:53:04
Good afternoon
Am I right in thinking with the claws in sterlings contact stating QPR are to get 25% of any transfer for him ,would it then be in Liverpool interest to get player swap deal or maybe player plus cash deal ,again if this is the the case what players from Arsenal ,juventus ,Real Madrid ,Man City ,Chelsea would you be happy with ?

{Ed044's Note - I believe it's 20%. If a 'swap' was to take place, Crystal Palace would still be entitled to a cash equivalent. Either that, or Walcott could donate 20% of his body to Palace..}

1.) 13 Jun 2015
Pretty sure palace wouldn't be entitled to anything from the transfer...

{Ed044's Note - oops.confusing my cockney clubs again.}

2.) 15 Jun 2015
15 Jun 2015 08:10:33
very confused as I don't believe either are actually Cockneys!

{Ed044's Note - South of Watford just becomes a blur Ed01....}