01 Mar 2016 01:36:53
I have to say that I agree with the author of the Liverpool Centre back article in that Lucas should be given the rest of the season at CB. I think he could adapt to that long term, Mascherano has and he doesn't have nearly the same level of football intelligence as Lucas. As the article points out despite his lack of height he wins a lot of headers. The other obvious advantage is the leadership he offers at the back, I was at the game on Thursday and he was constantly talking with all members of the defence; something Skrtel and Lovren seldom do.

{Ed001's Note - that is a good point, I missed that out of the article that he actually communicates and it should have been mentioned. I set it up by talking about how Skrtel doesn't, but forgot to then mention he does as I planned to.}

1.) 01 Mar 2016
01 Mar 2016 13:55:10
I'd like to see Lucas given a decent chance there but I have reservations about whether it's a good long term strategy.
Comparing Mascherano at Barcelona to Lucas at Liverpool is like comparing apples and elephants. Spanish teams are not at the same level as the premier league and they don't really get at Barcelona for fear of reprisal. Also La Liga does not have the same physical challenge of the premier league. It took De Gea time to adapt to all the high balls into the box.
Happy to be proven wrong, but I can only see it as a short term fix.

{Ed001's Note - Lucas is a much better defender than Mash mate, I think he is a better option of the two.}