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26 Sep 2018 20:32:58
Uncomfortable for most of the half, but just started to get on top of them in the 35th minute.

Kinda don't want half time.



26 May 2018 20:36:08
Mane needs to forget all the hard work he's been doing all season, stay up top and play on the shoulder like Salah.

We have no out ball.



04 Apr 2018 20:36:22
Could someone tell me who's the 19 year old kid having a bad run of form and who's the £50m England International right back?

Cos I'm certain I have it the wrong way around?




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02 Jul 2020 22:12:29
Damn! City only 20 points behind with 18 points to play for. I think this league title might be in danger, lads.

Jokes aside, this result and the resulting roasting Klopp will give the team should go some way to ensuring that we do not underestimate City next season.

It's a poor performance that's been rightly punished and should act as a reminder that you get nothing without working hard in this league.



08 Mar 2020 18:38:32
You know that Ederson v Alisson debate?

Alisson won.



29 Jan 2020 22:00:35
70 points and it's not even February.



05 Jan 2020 18:33:02
Some thoughts on the game:

Minamino looks good technically. Good feet and intelligent. Maybe didn't get on the ball enough, but I think that was partly because he was trying to play the "Firmino role" without Salah and Mane to open up the space around him. Plus it was his debut. There's definitely plenty of ability there.

None of the kids let themselves down, but Williams and Jones stood out. Jones is genuine quality and we need to make sure we have a solid plan for his development and integration into the first team over the next 12-18 months.

I can see why Chirivella's never quite broken though. He's really good with the ball, but he only put in one tackle all game. It was an important tackle, tbf, but a player in his position needs to put the boot in more. That being said if we couldn't use Hendo or Fabinho in a game, either because of injury or needing to rest them, I'd turn to Chirivella before putting Lallana or Wijnaldum out of position.

Dear God, Everton have problems. Walcott was their only threat and he just gave up after about 30 minutes. Spent the entire second half in Larouci's pocket. I don't know how Richarlison (who could end up costing more than any forward Liverpool have if all his add-ons are triggered) has scored 9 goals this season, he was absolutely rubbish. Calvert-Lewin was able to beat a inexperienced defender in the air and that's about all he had in his locker today. Kean got one touch when he came on - the sooner he gets back to Italy the better before his career is ruined. Their midfield spent the second half chasing ours around ineffectively. I missed the first 2 minutes, didn't see the team sheets and genuinely didn't realise Schneiderlin started the game. Ancelotti said he can get Everton into the Champions League. Not a chance. Klopp would struggle to turn that lot around. That squad needs to be gutted. And Everton's owners have already spent big on it.



07 Dec 2019 16:52:47
3 points. Clean sheet. Goal for Ox. Goal for Mo. Goal for Keita. League debut for Jones. Nice, relaxed pace for the last 30 minutes.

Perfect day apart from the Lovren injury.




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25 May 2015 23:50:15
1) There is a convincing reason to sack him: His consistent lack of long term planning and his flip flopping on his use and treatment of players. It will be exceedingly difficult to establish a core group of players, get them playing well together and then add in the bits you need on the fringes to build a squad that will consistenty qualify for the Champions League and then hopefully challenge for the league on consistent basis (ie. more than once), if your manager can't make up his mind on what he players he wants and where he wants to play them. If everything aligns up in one season (like last year) he can qualify for the CL and even challenge for the title but it won't be sustained (as demonstrated this year). I could pull up other reasons, but that should be reason enough.

"If you can't guarantee anyone better" is a non-argument. There are no guarantees in football and you know that. But you have to look at what you have and make a judgment call as to whether what you have is good enough to be kept, or whether it's time to try something different. If that wasn't the approach and we all needed guarantees, then Gerard Houllier would still be the manager. After all, there were no guarantees that Rafa Benitez (or Curbishley, or Mourinho or anyone else who was linked with the job at the time for that matter) would've been an improvement on him, right? And my judgment call is that Rodgers has demonstrated that he is incapable regularly qualifying for the Champions League, which is the minimum we need our manager to do to re-establish us a serious contender for major trophies in the near future. It is therefore, to my mind, worth the risk of getting Klopp, or Galtier, or Unai Emery, or Rodger Schmidt, or Slavan Bilic, or even going back to Rafa. Yes there is no guarantee that any of them would be an improvement on Rodgers, but it has been satisfactorally demonstrated as far as I'm concerned that Rodgers isn't able to deliver what we need. So why retain him? Why continue something you know won't work when you have the option of trying something different?

2) If it wasn't down to Suarez (and I agree you can't attribute a season like that to one player, even if he is one of the best in the world), then him leaving can't be an excuse. So what's it down to then? Is finishing 6th, in a very bad season in the PL, I might add, after finishing 2nd normal and acceptable progression for a team? Or is it because the manager built finishing 2nd on a tactical system that relied on the team expending most of their effort pressing and running around to an unsustainable degree for 15 minutes at the start and end of each game and being second best in between? Now to be fair to Rodgers, he did decide that the high tempo diamond wasn't really a workable long term formation and I think he was absolutely right to think that, but the problem is he had no idea what to do next.

Do you remember what we were like at the start of the season? Horribly disjointed. The players seemed to have no clear idea what tempo to play with, how to bring the ball out of the back, whether to go short or long etc. Gerrard's form was a point of discussion at the start of the season, so I started watching him closely. Now whilst he wasn't exactly stellar himself, I remember him rarely having short options for forward passes, so he had to go long (or go backwards), but we weren't playing at a tempo in terms of runs in behind, support runs and pressing that supported a direct style. That's a failure of coaching. We then made a 343 workable for two and a half months before that fell flat and we haven't had a clue what to do since. Rodgers completely and utterly undid any good he achieved last season in a matter of weeks, and I'm beginning to suspect that he doesn't fully understand what he did right last season. That means he can't be depended on to repeat it.

3) Ex-players aren't right simply by the virtue of being ex-players. And for all of the football knowledge they apparently have, a small percentage of top players make top coaches or managers. Just because you were a good player doesn't mean you actually know how an entire football team should be set up and instructed.



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24 May 2015 22:18:47
Last game I remember us playing well in was the win against Man City on the 1st of March. Even when we beat the likes Newcastle and Burnley, we were fairly bad.

So considering we were dire up until mid-December, that's 2 and a half months of good footie this year. Says a lot about the PL this season that we still finished 6th and were still in with a chance of 4th until 2 games from the end.



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24 May 2015 22:00:25
Y'know, if Rodgers is in charge next season, I bet we'll finish 3rd.

But the problem is we'll finish 6th or 7th the season after because he'll find a way to alienate a key player or two and ruin whatever good he achieved the previous year and so on so forth. So long term building will not happen.

Bye Brendan, thanks for trying, but this job's not for you.



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24 May 2015 21:53:55
Those 40 that never troubled the first team would be my big black mark against Rafa.

As I said on the main site, I appreciate the Academy wasn't producing a whole lot, but only one of the "one for the future" that ever amounted to anything in a top league was Mikel San Jose. And he broke through at Bilbao, not at Liverpool. Not a lot of return there.



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24 May 2015 20:27:01
If the Internet and my ability to use a calculator are to be believed:


Gross: £230m in 6 years
Nett: £68m in 6 years.


Gross: £212m in 3 years.
Nett: £85m in 3 years.

These don't include agent fees, signing on fees or wages, all of which would presumably be higher for Rafa based on more players, longer time there, and more "free" transfers with associated big signing on fees. Equally they don't include loan fees incurred by Rodgers, but these would likely be small compared to the overall figures.

Still, considering he's been here for half as long, Rodgers has been no more frugal than Rafa, if anything possibly less so.

{Ed044's Note - also Somethng, it doesn't take into account the rise I transfer fees in general. What I would say is that Rafa signed 59 players, of whom I think 40+ never really troubled the first team. Nonetheless, BR has shown a rather odd skill for signing players we don't need and announcing that they are the next big thing...}