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22 Feb 2021 12:24:47
They're now saying that the referee was checking for a red card and not if it was a penalty that decision had already been made.
They're saying trent lifted his head to intentionally collide with DCL.
What has happened to football.

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22 Feb 2021 07:14:17
Should LFC bring the 'brain' back to help Klopp and convince him to play defenders and not midfielders at the back. I am disappointed that Linders, who is touted as a possible Klopp replacement, has not managed to convince Klopp to do so. Maybe he agrees with Klopp or is just a 'yes' man. Anyway, something needs to change.

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21 Feb 2021 17:23:02
Keep hearing a lot on here that we will be better next season without the injuries, and a decent rest, then a proper pre season.
However we have the euros this summer, plus the potential of being in the europa league which starts early.
I doubt that after this squashed season due to C.V., there will be much resting at all over the summer.
The players will be embarking on there 3rd season in a row, with little or no rest at all.

Add that to the heavy metal football klopp likes to play, and it could be a long old slog for some of the lads again.
We need to freshen up the squad over the summer. Not massive wholesale changes, but 2 or 3 in key positions. Bring Elliott back, and intergrate him.
I love Bobby, love him. When we were beating everyone, his tricks, and ability made us look even better than we were, but now, when the chips are down, he needs to be playing his part. I wonder if its time for him to move on, and i never thought i'd say that.

I really think this season isn't a write off. I can still see us finishing in top 4, and getting into champs league final. After the 3 seasons we have just had, i still think that would be an ok season.
Next season, depending who arrives in the league, and at which team, i still think we will start the season as second favourites.

Yesterday hurt, but we are liverpool, and we march on. Its the job of each and every one of us to get behind the players, and the manager. They have given us everything for 3 great years. They deserve our backing, and even though this year may not be as good as we'd all hoped, at the end of the storm, there's a golden sky, NEVER forget that!

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Liverpool v Everton - A Liverpool Perspective

21 Feb 2021 16:28:33
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Liverpool v Everton - A Liverpool Perspective

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21 Feb 2021 11:33:37
I think the soul of the club has been left behind at Melwood - we have been awful since we moved.

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21 Feb 2021 11:26:37
One thing I noticed is with out a midfielder at CB yesterday it made the midfielders not pass it back as often and speeded us up

Henderson at the back is always calling and wanting the ball but we don't need him on the back we need to attack quickly like the midfielders try unlock teams

If hendo is out and fab for another game or 2 I think we will maybe speed up our attacks as our CBs don't want the ball at every chance.

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21 Feb 2021 11:03:02
One thing that stands out to me lately is how shockingly bad Bobby’s shots on goal! Unbelievable, it almost comical. I honestly love the guy to bits and always enjoyed watching him play with his amazing skills that’s why it’s all the more strange to me to see his efforts in front of the goal. Hopefully he comes around sooner rather than later.

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21 Feb 2021 10:04:02
We need some attack minded midfielders to offer another avenue when our front 3 are not at their best.

Last 4 seasons, we have completely relied on them for goals and they have been really consistent with their returns as well. But it's time that we take some pressure off them and invest in some attacking mids (if we can raise money) .

City have De Bruyne, United have Fernandes, we need someone too. Wijnaldum and Milner are departing so there will be space for another midfielder.

P. s cannot wait for Jota to come back.

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21 Feb 2021 07:08:40
First time poster. Our current way of playing is just not working. MF is so weakened, its makes no sense to me to carry on this way. We need to get our best MF on the pitch and accept if the defence is not as good as we would like.

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21 Feb 2021 07:06:17
Woke up this morning and thought According to the media and toffee fans they'd just won the champions league, the premier league and world club champions Oh nope that was us.

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