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03 Dec 2021 00:23:25
Our main Liverpool site is our Liverpool Transfer Rumours site.

We do have a Liverpool FC Rumours page on this site though.

01 Dec 2021 21:46:45
I know this isn’t the best LFC side ever but best LFC side in last 20 years? I think so, just glad my wee man is old enough to see how good LFC have been over last 3-4 years and how crap they will be when klopp leaves lol.

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See You Next Thursday 39

02 Dec 2021 23:15:22
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new podcast entitled, See You Next Thursday 39

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01 Dec 2021 13:30:06
Just read Ray Kennedy has passed away, a great player and a great man, luckily enough to see him play, a magical left foot, Will never walk alone. RIP.

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01 Dec 2021 13:31:00
Nice to see the blue support of the city defacing our champions league walk with ( "scab rats "and the picture of the stadium with " 39".

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30 Nov 2021 18:55:13
Anyone that’s interested. The first steelwork started going up today on the Anfild Rd end. It’s going to look massive!

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27 Nov 2021 11:31:13
Liverpool need Bissouma and Pedro Goncalves ✅ done
We would have great options up front and in midfield and we already have the best RB and central defensive partnership in the league. We could also finally get rid of Keita and allow Ox, Divock and Nat Phillips ( will go to Villa) to go for approx. £50m total.

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27 Nov 2021 21:46:13
Reading this over the last few hours
From firmino to Konate
Everyone moaning and criticising them
On Konate
I read today 6 starts 6 clean sheets

Let's get behind the team it's a better outlook on life
We are on flying
So fly together.

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28 Nov 2021 11:12:43
Lad's when was the last time we had we had 2 very good options for the LB spot? Because I can't remember and thank God that we have.

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25 Nov 2021 15:54:48
I see a front three of Bobby, jota and the ox while players are gone for the African nations I think.

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26 Nov 2021 15:39:03
great result against Porto especially given the fact we played a slightly weaker team.

I am really hoping Konate improves though. At the moment when he plays, we are not solid or secure. He loses the ball in risky positions and also gets caught out of position a bit by not anticipating where the ball will go. It could be that Fabinho was not playing though.

At the moment, I felt safer with Nat Phillips last season. I understand Konate might have a higher ceiling and is quicker, but on current ability I feel Phillips is better at the moment.

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See You Next Thursday 38

25 Nov 2021 21:20:34
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new podcast entitled, See You Next Thursday 38

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Ed1 on Youtube Live Now

25 Nov 2021 16:52:30
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new podcast entitled, Ed1 on Youtube Live Now

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24 Nov 2021 16:49:41
Beck and Bradley and a few other regulars playing for the U19s today, Morton and Balagizi not though so a hint that perhaps we won't be playing all the kids tonight (didn't expect we would) but we'll see a couple on the bench.

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24 Nov 2021 20:29:06
What's going on with Salah's legs? Aside from the nice drag back and turn, his shots and passes are all over the show.

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25 Nov 2021 06:07:20
“If you are in our squad, you are a good football player” Jurgen Klopp.

Absolutely love the man - how good must the young lads, like Neco feel?

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25 Nov 2021 11:14:13
Tyler Morton was very good last night done everything he had to and more great to see academy lads getting a chance . Also spotlight was on Tyler but thought neco had a really good game against a tricky and arguably their best player in luis Diaz

With Tyler coming to the first team and getting games does this push Curtis Jones out slightly or do you think their is room for both in the squad obviously having hg players for us is a must but do you see Liverpool doing as we seem to have a few quite promising players coming through at the same time obviously they are all a few seasons away .


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16 Nov 2021 04:34:00
So that’s Mo and Thiago to Barcelona - perhaps we should just set Xavi up to be our next manager when JK leaves.

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17 Nov 2021 17:10:31
According to reports Robertson rated 50/ 50 for Saturday. Its supposedly a tightness in hamstring rather than a strain. Wouldn't risk it in all fairness and giv Tsmikas a go vs gooners. Manè looked in training so that a positive. Nothing on Henderson yet but I would imagine he is doubtful at best.

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19 Nov 2021 01:43:52
Does anyone know about the midfield?

Thiago, Fab and Ox are fit.
Hendo is a doubt.
Keita, Jones and Elliot are out.

We have 8 first team midfielders (9 if you put Taki there), I don't go with those who say we should have bought another midfielder. If 8 isn't enough then what number would be. Unlucky with injuries, that's all.

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20 Nov 2021 13:05:39
Two points sumps up for me watching Chelsea and Leicester.

1. Brendan is still crap

2. Chelsea are winning the league. They have so many players out and are still so strong on all fronts. That’s what money gets you.

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